Over the years, Mirka has grown into one of the world’s largest producers of coated abrasives. Today, Mirka Canada has a wide product range for individual operations and complete sanding systems for specialized applications. Mirka’s product range does not limit itself to abrasives but includes an extensive selection of tools and the accompanying accessories. Mirka also offers a complete line of polishing compounds and components.

Mirka Ltd. is a world leader in surface finishing technology

Decades of experience and a strong commitment to product development has seen Mirka become a pioneering specialist in flexible abrasives and revolutionary, patented products which allow customers to enjoy a truly dust-free surface finishing process. Additionally, Mirka has through innovative research and development program, also launched new microfinishing products for optimized engineered surface finishing processes, as well as a full range of polishing compounds.

Mirka – More than just abrasives

Moreover, the growing Mirka Power Tools department develops and manufactures advanced sanding and polishing machines, providing outstanding ergonomic and functional benefits to users. These innovatively designed tools combined with a range of effective, high-quality accessories, give Mirka’s customers unmatched access to a complete sanding solution to meet their individual needs.

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