Find Your Perfect™

What is perfect anyways? That’s up to you. Because what’s perfect for you or your clients is different than what’s perfect for someone else. That’s more than okay. That should be embraced and celebrated, from how you work to how you design. And for that, we have a Formica® Product that’s perfect for you. Whatever your perfect might be.

Formica® SurfaceSet 2020 Collection

Formica’s new SurfaceSet® Collection uncovers the overlap between natural, human and digital aspects, the SurfaceSet® 2020 collection includes 30 usable Formica® Laminate colours, patterns and woodgrain designs and 2 new textures.

The lines between humanity and technology are blurring, yet nature remains a grounding factor. It’s this “blurred lines” theme that serves as the basis for SurfaceSet® 2020, a collection of new woodgrains, solids and patterned Formica® Laminate designs to help interior designers and architects create beautiful and functional commercial spaces.

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Formica® Living Impressions 2019 Collection

The 2019 Living Impressions™ Collection features 12 beautiful new options—including six new 180fx® patterns. 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of 180fx®, and we’re celebrating with the introduction of a new finish and fresh pattern options. The wide range of on-trend looks in the collection incorporates organic and authentic stones and woodgrains, classic white and light surfaces, and darker selections to imbue a dramatic mood.

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Formica® is high pressure laminate (HPL), available in a broad selection of designs and colours. Commonly used for interior horizontal or vertical applications where design, appearance, quality, durability, resistance to stain, and resistance to heat are important considerations. Plastic laminate, manufactured from melamine-impregnated decorative surface papers, combined with phenolic-treated kraft paper and thermofused together under high pressure.