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Our head office is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and we have 5 additional distribution centers in Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Collectively, we have nearly 200,000 square feet of warehouse space, allowing us to deliver industrial building supplies on tight timelines. For the more specialized orders, we are able to source nearly any wood product available from our unique supplier network to insure your project is a success.

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January 2019
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Formica Laminate

Formica® high pressure laminate (HPL) is available in a broad selection of designs and colours. Commonly used for interior horizontal or vertical applications where design, appearance, quality, durability, resistance to stain, and resistance to heat are important considerations. Plastic laminate, manufactured from melamine-impregnated decorative surface papers, combined with phenolic-treated kraft paper and thermofused together under high pressure.



2018 Living Impressions™ Collection, Trend-forward Surface Designs for Today’s Homes

Inspired by Life(styles)

The 2018 Living Impressions collection includes four new 180fx® by Formica Group patterns, six new Formica® Laminate patterns and one new addition to the Formica® Writable Surfaces line. Drawing on inspiration from global lifestyle trends, the collection celebrates a range of on-trend surfacing looks, from natural wood and stone patterns, to looks that embrace the craftsmanship of man-made materials to luxurious, dark and sophisticated designs.

The new patterns are the result of three global lifestyle trends in the home: Neo Chalet, Millennial Maker and Modern Gentleman.2018-Living-Impressions-Collection_VIDEO_LINK_BUTTON

The Living Impressions 2018 collection features 11 new beautiful, durable and affordable Formica® Laminate designs

New 180fx® Laminate designs

Four new designs join the 180fx® collection, highlighting true-scale stones in granite, marble and quartzite, along with Formica Corporation’s first man-made composite pattern for the category:

New Formica® Laminate designs

Six new and highly usable Formica® Laminate designs evoke tactile stone and wood joined with aggregate and man-made materials:

New Formica® Writable Surface design

A new, durable high-gloss markerboard surface joins the Formica® Writable Surfaces collection as homeowners continue to seek creative ways to communicate and express themselves:


SurfaceSet® 2018 – Refresh, rethink and recreate interior spaces.

Fusing beautiful design with purposeful functionality inspired by the concepts of balance and tension, SurfaceSet® 2018 includes 32 new Formica® Laminate colors, patterns and woodgrain designs, and one new finish.

SurfaceSet® 2018 by Formica, an entirely new collection based on the balance and tension of man-made meets natural design, created for commercial surfaces with beautiful, durable Formica® Laminate. The new assortment offers a wide range of colors, patterns and woodgrains in three palettes that together form Formica Corporation’s vision of design. Leading up to every product launch, including SurfaceSet® 2018, Formica Corporation explores and analyzes trends around the globe to develop the perfect palette to represent the most current styles. Many factors influence the development of these trends.

SurfaceSet® 2018 Trend Observation

The continuous task of trend observation is very important for anyone in the design industry. At Formica Corporation, their designers continue to monitor and participate in global tradeshows, color forecasts, and pattern development. At the beginning of a new commercial launch, Formica® Brand designers hone in on specific trends observed in the market.  Drawing inspiration from global, cultural, economic and environmental changes, as well as art and design movements, SurfaceSet® 2018 offers a wide range of surfacing options—from Scandinavian-inspired maples, to a crisp new Plex texture, to artistic paint scrapes and reusing raw materials for new visuals to make interior spaces more relevant.

This collection features three palettes that fuse beautiful design with purposeful functionality.

Personal Sanctuary. Create a moment of calm amidst the urban chaos. This elegant palette of deeply saturated color is balanced with serene neutrals and finely crafted to approach pure materials

Spectral. Brimming with creativity, this theme takes a low-tech approach, championing a more free-hand style. With a solid color back to basics palette, a feeling of energy and optimism is created.

Smart Organic. Making a much more scientific approach to an environmentally conscious theme, designers manipulate desirable qualities of both natural and synthetic materials to create never before seen smart bio-composites.








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